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Suna no Yoroi -- Armor of Sand GFX

Freebie -- Ryuhou sig


Taking Requests?: YES

Hello! Welcome to Pan's (sabakukyuu) graphics journal! Here you may find graphics that Pan has made herself that you may use and you can request graphics as well!

Please refer to these entries before you start taking or requesting!

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If you end up not taking anything, feel free to comment on a graphic, even it's just to say "cool" :]

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Freebie -- Ryuhou sig

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A freebie :] Features Ryuhou from s.CRY.ed.

Text: 劉鳳/RYUHOU

Made: October 4, 2008

Well I was bored... this was my first sig since 2005, lmao. Ryuhou from sCRYed because I was looking through all my anime pictures :X

Took about 10 minutes to make D: It looks awkward because of the picture I used :/ if only it had his other arm, lulz.

Also that isn't random Japanese in the corner, that is actually Ryuhou in Japanese ;D And no lyrics or whatever this time.

All requests for this sig go on this entry as anywhere else will be ignored.

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