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Suna no Yoroi -- Armor of Sand GFX

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Taking Requests?: YES

Hello! Welcome to Pan's (sabakukyuu) graphics journal! Here you may find graphics that Pan has made herself that you may use and you can request graphics as well!

Please refer to these entries before you start taking or requesting!

[ Requesting ]
[ "Freebies" ]

If you end up not taking anything, feel free to comment on a graphic, even it's just to say "cool" :]

freebies, requests, sigs, video games, anime, vector art



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May 19th, 2009


These are my "freebies"... sort of. You may use them, but please read this post first.

What are "freebies"?
These are graphics that I have made over the years that I either no longer use or that I have made for fun but have no desire to use. So I thought, 'why don't I let other people use them?' and here we are :P

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Requesting is easy, but please make sure to thoroughly read this post before doing so :]

Taking Requests?: YES

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